“Hello world!” revisited

Hello world! was an introductory post for the birth of my design blog, but my apologies for not introducing myself properly..

bearies_palm springsMy name is R.A. and I live in Beverly Hills, California (it’s just a zip code, not a lifestyle, people). After too many all-nighters, I have 3 undergraduate degrees: English, Psychology, and Interior Design. Nearly everyone thought Psychology would help me the most in my career as a designer; however, being an English major has BY FAR benefited me the most. Being able to communicate effectively is essential. Speaking of career, I work at an architectural, forensics, and interior design firm in the Interiors department. When asked what I do at work, I jokingly answer “I draw lines and pick colors.” Depending on inflection, it can either start or stop a conversation; it’s great.

And that leads me to the meaning behind the name of my blog, bareINTR.

  1. bear (noun). Anyone who knows me knows my love for bears. To include bear in the name yet still reflect the intention of a design-related blog, I took its homophone bare to create a pun as well as suggest multiple meanings.
  2. bare (adjective). In addition to the play on words (nod to my fellow English majors), the use of bare is ironic because the interiors that inspire me are definitely not bare. Or, if that doesn’t satisfy you, bare is to suggest that the bare interior of a room is my canvas to do my design magic. The former was the initial reason, but the latter is easier to understand and less confusing.
  3. INTR. In architecture, the abbreviation for Interior is INTR, specifically written in caps.

I’m not new to blogging, just new to this concept of a more-or-less objective design blog. The challenge is to keep it entertaining, fresh, and informative all at the same time. I am constantly learning from other mediums and am notorious for researching, so comments and critiques are welcome. Thank you for reading and I hope some of my inspirations inspire you too!