An elephant never forgets..

Back in January of 2011, I posted about how my dedication for that year was to make and finish something creative every week. It was chaotic at times since I had several projects going on at the same time but I thrive at multi-tasking so I absolutely loved every minute of it!

That initial post featured Effie and Ollie Elephant by Heather Bailey. Since then I’ve been making Effie and Ollie Elephants for babies and also as a ‘just because’ for my friends. Every time I hope to get better at making them but the feet and trunk are always a challenge for me and I just can’t nail them down. But! Practice makes perfect! Back to the sewing machine it is.

Below check out a few of the little guys I’ve made so far =)

effie & ollie



I’m not one for making resolutions; but I’m great at starting things — and then taking forever to finish them. Deadlines are my friends. So a 365-day deadline actually works for me.

My 2009 resolution (or, rather, as I call it: ‘dedication’) was to visit a museum, gallery, or architectural landmark on every weekend of the year.

2010 welcomed the introduction of Shuttercal into my life as well as managing to lose (and keep off!) 20+ lbs.

And so, here we are with another new year.

My dedication for 2011 is to finish (key word: finish) something creative every week (work-related projects not withstanding). And the year is starting off wonderfully already! Week 01 project is complete and I just finished Week 02’s project last night. I hope to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm through the remaining 50 weeks. We’ll see how successful I am by Week 52..

Week 01 project: Effie & Ollie Elephant for Joseph

Where Interior Design meets Fashion

This year’s IIDA Southern California Chapter Haunt Couture theme is “LIGHTS, CAMERA, FASHION” with entries based on the fashion and movies from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.

haunt couture_2009

A brief description about Haunt Couture:

  1. “Use architectural and interior design materials to create a winning Haunt Couture fashion show entry. […] The purpose is to design a costume and stage show that best expresses the theme.” – IIDA
  2. (11 design firm teams + 1 student team) x 5 designers per team
  3. Team entry themes are randomly drawn. Design concepts have to express the connection between their selected theme, architectural elements found within said theme, and its interpretation into fashion.
  4. Textiles are provided by a textile sponsor, of which the majority of the costume must be made.
  5. Four weeks of prep time given between kick-off and event to prepare all costumes, props, music, script, and signage.
  6. On the day of, teams are given 45 minutes to assemble.
  7. Designs are judged by certain criteria such as costume construction, interpretation of theme & overall content, and creative use of textiles.

Without giving away my team’s design concept, all I’m going to say is that I somehow volunteered myself to sew the costumes for our models. And all I know how to do is make some mean pajama pants. This is going to be interesting.

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