I’m not one for making resolutions; but I’m great at starting things — and then taking forever to finish them. Deadlines are my friends. So a 365-day deadline actually works for me.

My 2009 resolution (or, rather, as I call it: ‘dedication’) was to visit a museum, gallery, or architectural landmark on every weekend of the year.

2010 welcomed the introduction of Shuttercal into my life as well as managing to lose (and keep off!) 20+ lbs.

And so, here we are with another new year.

My dedication for 2011 is to finish (key word: finish) something creative every week (work-related projects not withstanding). And the year is starting off wonderfully already! Week 01 project is complete and I just finished Week 02’s project last night. I hope to keep up the momentum and enthusiasm through the remaining 50 weeks. We’ll see how successful I am by Week 52..

Week 01 project: Effie & Ollie Elephant for Joseph


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